Future of open online courses

Elizabeth Carson

In a press
release sent on Oct. 22, City College Chancellor Constance Carroll addressed
the growing popularity of massive open online courses, or MOOCs, and the
possibilities of offering them at City. 

“Within the San
Diego Community College District, there has already been both interest in and
controversy regarding MOOCs, especially under the conditions of a grant
opportunity afforded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that would
support the development of MOOCs for credit in the areas of general education
and basic skills instruction,” Carroll stated in her letter.

Carroll also
indicated that she would recommend to the District Governance Council
that a task force be created. The task force would be dedicated to the research of MOOC’s, and then determine if
they are appropriate for City.  

“This process will require at
least a year to complete, in order for us all to be assured of a
responsible outcome. In the meantime, the College and CE presidents, the
Academic Senate presidents, and I have agreed to forego development of any
MOOCs until the policies, standards, and processes regarding MOOC education are
in place,” Carroll said.