Archeologists uncover hunter-gatherer artifacts in San Diego


Program coordinator Annemarie Cox shows students a flint from a dig site in San Diego after her presentation on April 3. Mariel Mostacero, City Times

Mariel Mostacero

City College hosted a presentation April 3 on the archeological finds in San Diego County, showing students the rich history of the people who lived thousands of years before today.

The event, “10,000 Years: An Archeological Record of San Diego County”, was held in the Learning Resource Center alongside a display that will run from April 1-30 called “Shared Beginnings,” hosted by the San Diego Archeological Center.
San Diego Archeological Center program coordinator Annemarie Cox spoke about the artifacts found in the county, which detailed the hunter-gatherer lifestyle of earlier groups.

“For 99.9% of human history, we have been hunter-gatherers. For more than two million years, all humans have lived in small scout societies frequently and relying on wild life food, ” Cox said.

Following the presentation, Cox allowed audience members to look at and handle the artifacts described in her presentation, including flints, utensils, and pottery.

All the tools shown were able to further prove the hunter-gatherer system that existed up until about a few thousand years ago.