Three bikes stolen first week of fall semester

William Morse

Three bikes were stolen in the first week of class at San Diego City College, according to campus police.

According to campus police, one of the thefts occurred outside the C Building and the other two at locations on campus.

Experts suggest a number of ways riders can secure their bikes.

Bicycle Transportation Alliance suggests using a U-lock instead of a cable lock because they are sturdier and are harder to cut through. Also, locking your bike through the frame to something sturdy and making sure that you take off accessories and lights so that they might not be stolen as well.

They suggest that students keep a record of their bike’s serial number in case it is stolen, and make sure to have current photos .

If your bike is stolen, report it to campus police at (629) 388-6405 or visit them in person at their office on the corner of 16th and Broadway.