The Bookman’s donations are disappearing

William Morse

Once a week for the last 15 years, a charitable foundation entitled “The Bookman” drops off 1,000 to 3,000 free books for the students of City College. Recently, they have been coming up missing.

Facilities workers have witnessed the boxes of books being hauled off into a white Sedan and possibly a second car.

There are no plans for an investigation by the City College police at this time.

“It is sad that an individual would steal anything donated, but the foundation has stopped delivering before and they might just stop again,” stated Admin Sgt. Kevin Olson.

Irwin Herman implemented the generous service in 1990. According to their site, The Bookman “has given away more than 8 million books to people in San Diego County and through local charities, to every state and 70 other countries.”

Irwin earned the nickname “The Bookman” by visiting inmates in jail with free reading material back in the 1990s.

Herman spoke of his discontent regarding the thefts, “It angers you and it angers me even more —- that people are ripping off the stuff we bring for the students.”

Volunteers normally drop off the books in boxes in front of the bookstore on Thursday mornings.

If you notice any suspicious activity around the bookstore, please attempt to take a picture of the license plate and immediately report it to the Police Department at (619)-388-3351.