Free legal services coming to campus


The Thomas Jefferson School of Law building located at the corner of 11th and Island St. Official Facebook photo.

Leeann Rose

The Thomas Jefferson School of Law, located just minutes away from campus on 11th and Island, offers free legal assistance to college students and other individuals in need.

Edith Polanco, receptionist at their Small Business Law Center, recently joined forces with City College Enactus Co-Advisor Nancy Fredericks, to promote the free services offered at the law school for students at City College.

“We want to spread the word; we know there is a need,” Polanco explained. “Even if a student doesn’t think the service is beneficial to them, they may know someone. So we are trying to find ways to reach as many people as possible.”

The law school pursued that goal by hosting a table in the cafeteria on Nov. 21. They provided students with information on services and “self-help clinics for low-to-moderate income people,” according to Fredericks.

The law school programs serve two purposes: to provide services for individuals who can’t afford it, and to provide their law students with experience.

For instance, their Self Help Department offers individuals free consultation and help with filling out forms. Although this department cannot offer ongoing representation, staff members strive to give sufficient information for the individual to proceed on his or her own.

The SBLC cannot directly represent a client in court, but can supply other types of legal support, including but not limited to drafting of contracts.

Working 14 hours a day at a job without a break? The law school fights for employee rights. Know a veteran who requires legal assistance? The school can be that assistance. Ever been terrified to speak up about a domestic dispute? The school deals in family law as well.

For more information please contact Edith Polanco at [email protected] or visit the Thomas Jefferson Law School, located at 495 11th Ave.