Campus mourns beloved activist


A memorial service for Armstrong will be held Feb. 19 at the Encanto Park Recreational Center. Call (619) 527-3411 for more information. (Courtesy image)

Christopher Handloser

City College lost 10-year attendee, small business leader, and student activist, Terry Armstrong, to a heart attack on Jan. 11. The family held a private memorial for her Jan. 19.

Armstrong, 52, was the Inventory Team Leader for Enactus, a non-profit organization operating on campus that focuses on community involvement and small business development.

In addition to her inventory duties, Armstrong was well known for logging hundreds of hours as the face of Al A Cart, a coffee and refreshment stand open every morning across from the bookstore.

Last fall, she spoke to the City Times staff with two fellow Enactus members regarding her schooling and work with the organization.

“I was eager to learn,” stated Armstrong. “I am a returning graduate. I have four different degrees from here and going on my fifth. Enactus brought out my creative side.”

One of the greatest of those creative achievements was spearheading a fundraising initiative to sell snacks at Knights basketball games – the proceeds being recycled into the community food donations.

While working on campus Armstrong touched many people. Cheré Smith, also of Enactus, regarded Armstrong as an activist, always standing up for our right to privacy and equal opportunity for all students.

“She just embraced me,” recalled Smith. “She held my hand the entire way, as well as mentored so many of her fellow classmates.”

Fellow student and Enactus Business Resource Center Director, Tyler Moore, added, “(Armstrong) provided the institutional memory for the program because she had so much perspective. She had seen everything.”

Accounting for her prolonged and unmatched effort for the City College business programs, Smith believes awarding an honorary posthumous degree would be fitting.

Armstrong never married and was survived only by extended family.

Her family will host a public memorial service this Thursday, Feb. 13 at 11 a.m. at the Encanto Park Recreation Center located at corner of Broadway and 65th street, just north of Imperial Ave.

Please call (619) 527-3411 for more information.