Where to file taxes for free

Essence Mcconnell

Taxes are around the corner and as students, most of us qualify for a tax break. MyFreeTaxes is dedicated to helping individuals and low-income families save money when filing.

MyFreeTaxes provides free state and federal tax preparation and filing. This is a useful tool for students (and their families) to receive the most out of their tax returns.

To use this service, a family’s combined income must have been $58,000 or less in 2013, and the same goes for individuals who are filing.

“I would use MyFreeTaxes. As long as it’s free, I have nothing to lose,” explains Jilanie Desert, 20, nursing major.

Throughout the year, workers’ income taxes are taken from each paycheck and sent to the federal government.

By the end of the year, we typically pay more than needed, and the following year that extra money comes back through tax returns.

“I wouldn’t use the online version,” said Justin Davidson, 18. “I don’t trust websites, but because it’s free I would try and speak to a representative.”

MyFreeTaxes is available online at myfreetaxes.com where step-by-step instructions are held. One can also call 1-855-MyTx-Help.

Tax deadline is April 15.