City runs for health


Students, staff and faculty during the 2K Fun Run on March 13 in the Gorton Quad. Photo credit: Joe Kendall

Christopher Handloser

The “Step Up to Live Well” campaign committee took another step forward this month, hosting their second campus 2K Fun Run on March 13 as a part of nutrition month.

In the first year as a part of the San Diego County “Live Well” initiative, there are a wide-range of activities scheduled involving fitness, nutrition and behavioral health, and the committee wants to grow the program.

“We have a lot of things we want to do….but one thing we need are volunteers to help us do all these great things,” expressed psychology professor Veronica Ortega.

Ortega and cross-country coach and health professor Paul Greer spearhead the committee, and they have a theme for every month of the Centennial year.

February’s theme was “healthy heart,” March’s is nutrition, and April will be “healthy relationship” month.

On April 15, they will join with Student Mental Health and Student Health Services to host a Health and Wellness Expo. There will be a variety of agencies on campus with research and information tables.

They will also partner with the San Diego Hunger Coalition in April to come to campus and help students who are interested enrolling in CalFresh, California’s revamped food stamp program.

“What we’re trying to do here is build tradition. Greater awareness is being taken care of,” said Coach Greer.

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