NSA in our garage?


The eighth floor of the V building parking garage has had spots reserved for a organization going by the name of NSA. Photo credit: Joe Kendall

Joe Kendall

The NSA seems to be everywhere these days – in the news, in your email and the parking lot in the V building. Wait, what?

Those of you that park in the V building might have noticed the parking spaces labeled “Reserved NSA no SDCC student or staff parking,” and wondered why the NSA is parking on our campus.

The truth is it’s not the National Security Administration that’s parking in our parking garage, it’s the students and staff from the NewSchool of Architecture, located at F and 12th streets.

The NewSchool of Architecture has had a contract for parking with the San Diego Community College District for the past two semesters.

The contract entitles NewSchool students and staff to 25 parking spots on the 8a and 8b level of the V building parking garage excluding the first four weeks of the City College semester, when traffic is at its heaviest.

There are 50 spots with the signs restricting parking, however 25 of them are currently covered with black fabric and thus available for City students to use.

With 25 spots left for NewSchool, it’s still rare to see more than five of the spots taken at any time, adding more mystery to the situation.

The contract will expire at the end of June and currently there has been no discussion on whether or not NewSchool will renew the contract.

Whether or not they renew, students can park knowing their parking habits are not being analyzed by the NSA… yet.