College shows its Manpower

Phoenix Webb

San Diego City College was host to Manpower in February to hire students that was made possible by a region wide grant.

The grant was explained by Rose LaMaruglia who is the dean of business and technology at San Diego City College.

“I have a regional grant to promote information communication technologies region wide. It’s a statewide initiative to promote curriculum and help students align whatever class they take,” LaMaruglia said.

Four City College faculty members: Leroy Brady, professor of Business; Shana Carr, professor of Accounting; Nancy Fredericks, adjunct instructor of Business and Therese Savarese, professor of Computer Business Technology and Cosmetology students helped prepare the event.

LaMaruglia shared the following statistics: there were two days of interviews among five Manpower recruiters; 90 percent of all students who showed up were from City College; 211 resumés were received; 157 students were interviewed; 104 interviewed students received second calls with an offer of job assignment.

The job assignments Manpower offered had hours that could be worked in the evenings which was conducive for some students.

Manpower will return to City College March 11. Interviews will be conducted 11 a.m.-4 p.m. in BT-203.