Campus Equity Week returns to City College

Phoenix Webb

Campus Equity Week came to San Diego City College for the second year on Oct. 26, although it was not posted in the online calendar for the campus.

The event was created to bring awareness to students, faculty and administration about the salary disparity between full time faculty and part time faculty. The equity issue is a national issue.

All last week, letters to Gov. Jerry Brown were offered to passersby during tabling hours on campus. The letters asked the governor of California to support an initiative to equalize pay for adjunct instructors, which is the core issue of campus equity.

This year’s rally, held on Oct. 27 in Gorton Quad was attended by fewer people than last year’s rally, that attracted over 100 people. Despite this, City College professor Jessica Thompson said, “Between the tabling and the rally we managed to get hundreds of letters signed though.”