Career workshops helps students create the right resume

Destiny Ortiz

Rosemarie Robinson hosted the third part to the four part career workshop series Boots to Suits on Nov. 16.

The workshop involved critiquing resumes and how to create a professional resume. The four-part workshop consists of informing students the basics of resumes.

Robinson, who is an adjunct counselor with the FYE program, presented this workshop in order to provide info and skills necessary in the workforce which will also assist and prepare students and veterans alike on their way to employment.

Robinson noted how important it was to have more than one copy of a resume just in case there is more than one person giving the interview. It also appears more professional to include a cover letter and reference page to go along with the resume.

Robinson gave an example of her professional resume and went over the five sections that are included.

The first involved personal data such as first and last name, address, phone number and email address. It’s important to use a larger font in the format of the resume to make the first and last name stand out Robinson explained.

She also stressed the importance of reviewing resumes and correcting errors immediately before handing in a resume.

“Errors are the number one reason resumes are tossed,” Robinson said.

The next section has to do with the objective of what job someone would apply for. This is where someone would put the position they are applying for with the company involved.

“They will only take twenty seconds to review your resume,” Robinson said.

It isn’t necessary to create a long and detailed resume to cover what the job is asking for. The next section has to do with education. This section can involve the current school someone is attending as well as degrees that were earned including the year it was received.

The last section has to do with training and professional experience. If a certification was received this goes in the training section. An example Robinson used is if someone received a certification of completion for vocational bible school. Robinson recommended the website to use for assistance to use for phrases to explain duties of past jobs and experience.

Students who may be interested in finding a job on campus, can view a list of available jobs in the Transfer Center.