How to vote in June 7 primary election

Beatriz Merced

The first step to take for the California primary election is getting registered to vote. The last day to register is May 23 to vote in the primary election on June 7.

You can register to vote via mail, through an online application or in person with individuals who are registering voters.

Then, there are two options to vote, by mail or at a polling place. Once you are registered to vote, your polling place should be mailed to you in the sample ballot booklet. If you haven’t received the booklet contact 800-345-8683. You may register to vote by mail by May 31 for the primary election.

If you’re voting at a polling place, make sure to bring your photo ID. California doesn’t require photo ID, but it’s always good to bring it, just in case. If you’re a first-time voter you will be asked to fill in your driver’s license number or California identification number, or the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Note that in California no party preference voters (NPP) can request a ballot for the following parties: American Independent Party, Democratic Party and Libertarian Party. The Republican, Green, and Peace & Freedom parties have chosen not to allow NPP voters to request their party’s presidential ballot.