Police logs reveal theft across campus


Info-graphic by Thomas Chesy

Thomas Chesy

The information about thefts at City College came from campus police logs compiled by the San Diego Community College District. City Times reviewed all 2,637 pages of those logs from 2015.

The logs themselves are not organized by college or by the type of crime reported. The information was searched manually selecting the entries pertaining to the City College campus. Not all entries note the value of the loss.

The P Buildings, a complex of three buildings in the northwest corner of campus, had the highest percentage of thefts in 2015, at 16.4 percent of all thefts reported at City, beating out the V Building by nearly 2 percentage points.

The high percentage of theft in the P Buildings appears to be mostly due to the number of locker break-ins occurring primarily in the fitness center building, which is identified on campus as P-2

Bicycles were the most stolen item in 2015, at 34.4 percent of all thefts reported at City, and most thefts occurred at the MS and AH Buildings.

There were also several instances of theft during construction of the C Building, with thousands of dollars of equipment and materials stolen from the job site.

The greatest loss noted in the logs occurred in the L Building when a cash box containing $2,900 was stolen from the KSDS radio station.

In February, campus police arrested City College’s former broadcast engineer, Gerald “Larry” Quick. He is awaiting trial on felony grand theft charges in the connection with the theft of four video cameras from the C Building over the winter break.