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Recently published in the City Times was an article entitled, “Women taking over: Do men even care?” It sent chills through my body as I read comments quoted by unnamed, chauvinistic men.

For years women have been fighting for equality. That means to be seen as equal, not as a replacement to the male role but a contributor to the household. Women are challenging the traditions and degrading beliefs of the capabilities of women. Women are present in every sector of the work field including politics, law, military, construction, medicine, and teaching.

Yes, more women are putting off marriage and upgrading from the traditional broom and dustpan way of life to the business world. The only justification that kept women in an apron by men for so long was education. Now, women make up over half the student body in American colleges and scoring better then the once considered “mentally advanced” y -chromosomes.

To the men that stated “men are naturally smarter, and therefore, don’t have to work as hard” and backed his argument with SAT scores. I would encourage you to read the results closer because typically in math and sciences men score higher.

The widely acknowledged justification for that is because how society challenges men more in those subjects and requires them to succeed. Yes, we all sit in the same classroom but it is more socially acceptable and expected for men to succeed in math and science while women succeed in English.

While you were shouting “vroom” with your Hotwheel cars, girls were putting sentences together and having mini social parties with friends.

“I’m only dating pre-med majors” said an unnamed male freshman in the previous issue. The role of a relationship is not for you to become the trophy husband that sits at home all day and works on leisure projects but for you to contribute to the relationship, mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially.

Women are fighting to become your equal, your partner, and not your replacement. Just because we take the driver’s seat does not mean you get the backseat.

You joke about women’s movements and their accomplishments, however, more women are promoted and hired into more powerful positions than ever before. Men gloat that you still make more than us even though we score higher that you.

Well, more women are becoming CEOs and more women are fighting that very battle. More women are stepping out onto the front lines instead of hiding behind the man.

If Queen Rania can rule Jordan, Queen Elizabeth II can rule England, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf can be the president of Liberia, and Hillary Clinton can run for president, than you for sure can respect me as your partner.

Men as a y-chromosome will respect women for more than what our bodies can do for you. No longer look at us as eye candy or as a recipient to your sexual pleasure but as an equal.

Woman did not stand in unison to be considered your subordinate. We did not challenge stereotypes and traditions for nothing.

(Sophia Herman is a City Times staff writer)

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