‘Thank you for your votes, but I respectfully resign’

So let’s get the entire story out there. These are my views alone. I cannot and will not take the voice of others. This election started with a group of dedicated ASG members. We tried their hardest to make great things happen. We faced many challenges and overcame. Election time came and the ASG was divided. New members were recruited. The out come looked as though no matter what happened, in the end many people would be involved to accomplish great things.

It was almost like a mini series. You had the current ASG administration on one team against (minimally involved) Senator Deol and Webmaster Ahmed and a newly recruited team. At the start of the campaign myself and Senator Deol made an agreement to remain involved in ASG no matter what happened. From my view, to this day, Deol shows up to meetings and that’s about it. It is Josef, Cynthia, Sophia, Beto etc that are making posters and calling in the orders for events. There is a big difference in being involved in ASG and just getting by.

So as the campaign went on I heard many rumors that Deol’s campaign was looking to discredit the current ASG. “A more Transparent ASG and restore the faith in ASG.” I objected to this in a formal manner because I truly believe that this ASG team is as good as those that came before them, and those in the years to come. They have done the right thing. A hearing was held on my objection and overruled.

Then the bombshell happened. Two members of our own team decided to do what many college students have done in the past. They pulled college pranks during election! They didn’t trash someone’s car, or spray paint a house, but the pranks were somewhat serious – serious enough that I even lost faith in two of my own team members. You have no idea what it feels like to have to make a choice between those that make mistakes and what is right for the organization. You are going to be hated by many no matter what you decide. I guess this is where it is lonely at the top.

I myself was a target of one of the pranks, a flattering one but still inappropriate. Then something happened that made me proud. The individuals apologized, to Deol and to me. I thought to myself, that is a part of learning. They really didn’t do any prank that harmed me. My mother always told me when you learn to forgive you can see there is something great in everyone.

As the prank drama unfolded out of nowhere appears Campbell. At first it was at the debates when we first heard, “my name is Campbell, like the soup.” It stuck. Then the signs appeared. Some people were ready to donate cans of food at first glance. The sign over the five freeway might have been a contributing factor to the 200-plus votes over Deol. When I found out that he spent the entire campaign talking to people is when I believed in him.

The saga unfolded when the results put Campbell at the top. I won VP by a mere three votes. Sophia was elected and the rest of the team was those member of Deol’s team. Even after the results many of the current ASG members are still dedicated to ASG for the next year and are ready to take on new challenges.
Now we had a team and I was dedicated to do the job I set out to do. We needed a training plan, done. We needed current projects to be a success, ready and willing. ASG once again was getting things done and preparing for the future. Just when I think we have achieved success of building a stronger ASG team I got let down again.

The pranks should have been dealt with by Student Affairs as soon as they were heard about. Because of the City Times’ focus on the pranks and the link to ASG the story went to Channel 10 news. Does the district watch the news? Would they be upset if the see Deol on TV saying that he lost the election because of pranks? Campbell had nothing to do with the pranks, nor did I or anyone who won.

Deol told me yesterday that he wasn’t even going to be involved in the ASG next year.

So to summarize a gentleman who just shows up to meetings, promises to do marketing for the dance and does nothing, was apologized to and both were laughing about it five minutes later and his response is to go to the press and talk about pranks done by individuals not even elected for next year. How does that help the ASG?

Today the dean suspended the results of the election pending this investigation with no further details as per the district. They will accept further complaints until May 4. Instead of dealing with the issues let’s open up the floor and get some more. If you have issues please bring it to Student Affairs by the 4th.

The people who want to do the right thing have lost. We joined this organization to find solutions not create more problems. This organization has exhausted every bit of good energy I have. When I have to stop working because problems were not dealt with properly and everyone has to suffer then it time to take my leave. Thank you for your votes, but I respectfully resign.

Chris Conyers is the ASG vice president elect.

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‘Thank you for your votes, but I respectfully resign’