Vox Populi

Dan Berger and Dan Berger

This being Women’s History Month, which female figure do you admire and why?

Dan Riehl, 24, Sociology. (sunglasses, striped sweater, long hair).

“My mom, for sure. She’s given me right direction. . women can be just as successful in business as men.”

Mark Simone, 28, Nursing (ball cap, freckles, red hair).

“My ma . always good person and taught me to be the same way.”

Noemi Tracy, 31, Photojournalism (black hair, hoop earrings, scarf, thick coat).

“Margaret Bourke White. She was the first female photojournalist in Life magazine . documented farmers’ struggle.”

Edith, 18, Photography, (black hair, cheetah shirt).

“My cousin, (Karina). (She’s) independent, prefers doing things by herself.”

Pedro Campus, 20, Undecided (black jacket, white shirt).

“Rosa Parks. She stood for what she believed in . sat in a bus. She changed all our lives.”

Yc Kim, 65, Fine Arts teacher (do you really need a description?).

“My mom . grew up in Korea.” She was the first (female) dentist in Korea. . made me grow up knowing I can do anything I want to do.”

Olivia Beard, 22, Child Development (dreadlocks, green coat).

“My mom. (She is) really nice and (has) love for children, supported us . does (a lot) for the environment.”