Letter to the editor: Rely on your words, not graphics

Angelica Wallingford

Dear Editor: Regarding the debate on emojis. I have a nice solution. Simply do not utilize the damn things. I’m not so old that I am totally out of the loop with current technology and social media, but boy I certainly think it has contributed to a general dumbing-down of the younger generation.

All I have to do is sit for a spell in the cafeteria and eavesdrop on the level of conversations among the young. I wince at the shallowness and crudity of much of it. I do not recall such vacuous exchanges when a comparable age my first stint at City College in the 1980s. Forget about all the character counting, fetching art, and any bells and whistles associated with electronic communications.

One should be able to express and emote their self via the beauty and wonder of written words alone — not graphics.

-Eugene King