Post-surgery Darnall ready to deliver for SDSU volleyball

Shalu Garg

Shalu Garg
SDSU Daily Aztec

SAN DIEGO (U-WIRE) – Waiting is the hardest part.

Whether it’s the build-up to Christmas or the moments before a hot date, a few minutes can easily become an eternity.

Just ask Stephanie Darnall.

The San Diego State volleyball team’s sophomore outside hitter is all too familiar with clock-watching and anticipation. In December, Darnall had surgery on her right shoulder, and the recovery hasn’t been quick.

Numerous rehabilitation sessions and a summer of rest were just the first steps toward her getting back up to speed.

“It took three months to get back to normal,” Darnall said. “Just now I am actually starting to hit more.”

As expected, the healing process has been trying.

“I couldn’t do everything with the team,” Darnall said. “It was frustrating not to go through weights and training with the rest of my (teammates).”

Her return was slow, tedious, and buried in physical therapy sessions but it’s now a thing of the past. The future, along with a depleted surrounding cast, lies ahead.

SDSU lost two seniors to graduation who anchored the team through an up-and-down season.

Darnall, however, is confident her new teammates will help fill the void.

SDSU might wobble in 2007, but at least the season’s here; there’s no more waiting.