Men’s basketball set for season opener

Donovan Terblanche

City Knights men’s basketball team started the season with an enormous amount of students wanting to join the team.
The basketball practices held everyday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Harry West Gym have been a flurry of activity, filled with constant sound of stampeding feet running suicides, or intense training drills.
The young men competing for a spot on the roster have run many miles up and down the court and have hustled for every ball.
The pace has not let up for one second, as Coach Mitch Charlens, assistant head coach Bob Andreasen and assistant coaches Jerome Sherman, Joe D’Ambro and Jose De La Garma have pushed the players hard at every practice.

The players have formed a strong bond amongst themselves and constantly cheer and encourage each other. Practice sessions are full of encouragement as this sports unit realizes the expectations ahead of them.
City College goes into this season ranked number one in the Pacific Coast Conference, on their success from last season.
Judging from the initial reactions of the team, they are in for a successful year. The overall enthusiasm amongst the men remains high. An hour before and after official practice, the team is constantly working at improving their game on their own time, and enjoying themselves at something they appear to love.
The opening game of the season is on Nov. 13 at the Harry West Gym in the SDCC Knights Invitational.