Fitness Center offers lectures for health and credits

Andrea Malloyd

San Diego City College is offering a Fitness Center lecture series to students and faculty for extra credit hours at Harry West Gym room 206 starting March 24.

Staff members will receive one hour of FLEX credit and students will receive one hour of extra credit for each lecture they attend out of the three lectures. Students enrolled in PE 153 will be eligible for one make-up attendance hour for each lecture attended.

The series will be for three months starting in March and ending in May, and will feature keynote speakers including two doctors and an Olympian.

The first lecture is “Preparing for the Olympics” featuring Olympian Steve Scott, on March 24 at noon. Scott, a member of the United States track team and Field Hall of Fame, set the American record for the mile run at 3:47. Scott has also competed in three Olympic games in his career and set a world record for running the mile in under four minutes 136 times.

For those in search of tools for staying fit, the second lecture is “Resistive Stretches and Key Moves-Secrets to Staying in Shape.” The speaker will be Dr. Dawn Liu.

For students and faculty members concerned with posture, the lecture series offers “Postural Alignment for Injury Prevention” with speaker Rob Latimer.

For more information and questions or concerns, contact Paul Greer at 619-388-3704.