Men’s volleyball slams the Griffins

Ernesto Lopez

After a four-match losing streak, City’s men’s volleyball team defeated crosstown rivals, Grossmont Griffins, in a match that went to a deciding game five on March 10 at home in the Harry West Gymnasium.

Leading the Knights in the match was freshman middle blocker Steve Rindfleisch with 28 kills. Two other freshmen also recorded double-doubles, including outside hitter Skylar del Sol with 26 kills and 10 digs and freshmen setter Pierce Stewart with a game-high of 71 assists and 16 digs.

In the first game, the Knights were on fire and beat the Griffins, 32-30, even after trailing by almost five points throughout most of that contest. Rindfleisch spearheaded the teams comeback in that game by scoring 12 kills.

At one point in game two, the Knights had a run of six unanswered points and the Griffins ended up losing 30-25.

Dropping the first two games to the Knights, the Griffins bounced back to win games three and four in aggressive fashion; posting 13 and 14 kills, respectively, to bring the match to 2-2.

Game three was a true tail of the rabbit and the turtle, for most of the game the Knights had the lead with seven unanswered points, but Grossmont stayed alive and kicking.

Momentum flickered in favor of Grossmont as they ultimately win, 31-29.

In the fourth stanza, Grossmont kept momentum going with several unanswered runs as they fought for the victory, winning it 30-27.

Game five was intense as the Knight’s defeated Grossmont griffins in sudden death 15-11.

“We should have won in three games,” Rindfleisch said. “Everybody did great and we all just hope to continue winning the rest of the games in our conference.”

“The intensity was high (throughout the game),” del Sol said. “I am impressed by my teammates and (we) hope to continue improving.”