Men’s basketball standing strong

Sidney Bryant

Over the past seven years, men’s basketball head coach Mitch Charlens has been emphasizing the importance of adversity to his players, and in that seven-year span he has led the Knights to well over 100 wins.

He has also helped dozens of his players move onto Division 1 and 2 schools.

“My coaching staff and I take extreme pride in guiding young people,” Charlens said.

On Jan. 26, the Knights defeated Mesa College 83-67 in a game where they went 12-of-25 from downtown.

Guards Tim Harris and Danny Teisher both shot over 50 percent from the 3-point line. Harris finished the game with 19 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists. Teisher, who is the team’s leading 3-point shooter, finished the night with 16 points and was 5-of-10 from 3-point land.

Sophomore guard/forward Terrence Boyd led the way for the Knights with 26 points and 13 rebounds.

All night long, Boyd was a nightmare for Mesa in transitions and in half-court sets. Speaking of transitions, sophomore guard Steve Aldridge was brilliant as he dished out 13 assists with only one turnover.

“We have to cherish the rock,” Assistant Coach Joe D’Ambro said. “At this point in the season, our destiny is in our hands.”

Over the Christmas break, Charlens and his staff lost the team’s three top rebounders to injuries. Phil Jackson at 6’9, Gerad Carter at 6’7 and Chris Coleman at 6’5 were monstrous inside for the Knights early on in the season.

All three are elusive big men who had created a lot of challenges for opponents.

The Knights are currently 14-7 with an 8-2 conference record. Their eight wins in conference play has them ranked second behind Southwestern, who the Knights will play again on Feb. 11.

The Knights have six conference games remaining, and they know what’s at stake.

“It’s time to hit the reset button…it’s time to hit the reset button,” Charlens said with a smile. “This is when we have to accept adversity and just run with it.”