Looking for net success

Despite a few losses, the City College men’s tennis team continues to work towards their goal of making it to the regional playoffs.

“This season is definitely going up and down,” said Coach Brandon Lupian.

Their first two matches were proof of that. City’s team won their first match on the road Feb. 23 against Imperial Valley College with a score of 9-0, followed by a loss on Feb. 28 to Palomar College.

During a trip to Arizona they played four colleges in three days. The team won two of the four meets.

At this early stage, the coach would not single an individual standout player.

“Every player played their hardest,” said Lupian.

The Pacific Coast Athletic Conference games end on March 29. Afterwards the PCAC tournament will start on April 19, and the Ojai Tournament on April 24.

From there, players who qualify will go on to the regional playoffs.