Men’s tennis team had winning season

Michael Markulin

The men’s tennis team of City College finished third out of seven teams in the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference after an up-and-down season this year.

Beginning the season 5-1 in conference play, before losing their next three out of four matches, the Knights completed their season with a final 6-4 record.

Brandon Lupian, head coach of the Knights, is optimistic about the future.

“We lost some close matches this year, and with a little dedication by them during the off season I expect us to win the close matches.”

Players such as Patrick Meier and Daniel Villa Rosas, both freshmen, are believed to be returning next season. Both players played well when it counted most as they both qualified for the state championship tournament at Ojai.

In addition to a core of players headed back for their second season, Lupian is hoping to gain some strong recruits.

“I have had some interest from recruits following our success this season and hope that new recruits can come in and provide us solid play and even stronger dedication to academic excellence,” said Lupian.

The Knight’s tennis team willl look to improve on what they built this past season and plan to come back stronger next year.