RADIO: Indie Live in San Diego highlights best sounds from local bands

RADIO: ‘Indie Live in San Diego’ highlights best sounds from local bands

The home of live local indie music for San Diego is hosted by CT Sound’s Joe Pan

“Indie Live in San Diego” is the home of live local indie music for San Diego.

Hosted by Joe Pan, the show allows listeners to hear great music and get information on upcoming shows and artists who are from San Diego or are playing locally.

“Indie Live in San Diego” focuses on supporting smaller bands and aims to motivate San Diegans to see them play live and support the indie music scene. Listeners can hear about upcoming shows from JMSN and Nightly as well as taking in music from local indie bands.

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From the campus of City College, you’re listening to City Times Sound FM 88.3 KSDS HD-2 San Diego streaming on Welcome to Indie Live in San Diego. I’m your host Joe Pan! Over the next 30 minutes, we are going to bring you music from bands that have upcoming shows in San Diego. We are big supporters of live music here so if you want to learn about shows and support indie bands keep on listening. First up we have Nightly with their song “Twenty Something.” Go check them out on October 12th at Music Box. 

(0:37 – “Twenty Something” by Nightly – “Talk You Down” (2019))

Once again that was Nightly with their song “Twenty Something.” Let’s pick up the pace a little bit with “Inferno” by JMSN. If you’re somewhere with space, get up and dance. 

(5:12 – “Inferno” by JMSN – “Velvet” (2018))

Welcome back! You’re listening to “Indie Live in San Diego” on KSDS 88.3 HD-2. I’m your host Joe Pan. If you enjoyed that last song, go see JMSN live at Music Box on October 13th. We’re going to take a little break. Stick around to hear some more local San Diego artists coming up next on KSDS 88.3 HD-2.


Welcome back to “Indie Live in San Diego” on KSDS. I’m your host Joe Pan and right now we’re going to play San Diego locals, Creature Canyon, with their song Hot Streak. You can see them on the SOMA side stage on November 4th.

(12:13 – “Hot Streak” by Creature Canyon – “Do You Want That” (2018))

15:21 – What a blast that song is. That was Creature Canyon. Let’s keep it rolling here on “Indie Live in San Diego” on KSDS 88.3 HD-2 with “Monodrama” by benches. 

(15:34 – Monodrama by benches – single (2020))

Another great song by another San Diego local band, benches. We just missed them as some aside stage on September 16th, sadly, but we’ll be paying attention the next time they come around and play. Next is a band based in L.A., has San Diego ties, and their name is Transviolet. They once all lived here years ago, this is their song “Love and Power.”

(18:44 – Love and Power by Transviolet – “Body” (2023))

Welcome back to “Indie Live in San Diego” on KSDS 88.3. I am your host Joe Pan. We just listened to Transviolet. Sadly they don’t have any upcoming shows announced but they did play the Voodoo Room at House of Blues earlier this year. I went to the show — it was a blast! It’s always great to see them play. If you have a show that you are interested in going to and you’re trying to make the decision, I say go see it. It’s always better to support local music and small artists playing small shows. They’ll appreciate it and you will have the time of your life. Next up we have “DOA” by Olen. 

(23:16 – “DOA” by Olen – “Who’s Gonna Love Me (When I’m Not Young)” (2019))

This is “Indie Live in San Diego” on KSDS 88.3 HD-2. That was “DOA” by Olen. He may not be from San Diego, but he is from Orange County so it’s pretty darn close. He puts on a great high-energy show. I highly recommend seeing it when he comes through again. The next band is from L.A. It is Magic Bronson with “Fences.” 

(26:14 – “Fences” by Magic Bronson – “Wildlife” (2014)) 

What a blast that song is. That was Magic Bronson with “Fences.” This was “Indie live in San Diego “on KSDS 88.3 HD-2. Thank you for enjoying this wonderful half-hour with me, your host, Joe Pan. Thank you for listening. Thank you for supporting local and indie music. Now get out there and see a show!

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