RADIO: Local rap/reggaeton show 6ix1ne9ine Underground debuts

RADIO: Local rap/reggaeton show ‘6ix1ne9ine Underground’ debuts

Host Alejandro ‘unotimestwo’ Arellano brings your music fix from around San Diego in new KSDS HD-2 show

Welcome to the debut episode of “6ix1ne9ine Underground,” your fix for the best local rap/reggaeton artists from around the city.

Tune in to discover your new favorite artist and see what local talent is cooking up on a weekly basis.

“6ix1ne9ine Underground” features Lil Weirdo, MemoTheMafioso, Jojo2Faded, B3 Glizzy, Young Rich, TC4, & more.

“6ix1ne9ine Underground” is produced by Alejandro Arellano of City Times Sound.

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From the City College campus, this is CT Sound 88.3FM KSDS HD-2 San Diego, streaming on

What’s good everyone? This is your host with the most, Unotimestwo, bringing you the debut episode of 6ix1ne9ine Underground, your fix for the best rap artists from around the town, and we start things off with “No Cosign” by Lil Weirdo, don’t touch that dial.

(00:20 – “No Cosign” – Lil Weirdo (2022))

Hello everyone. You’re listening to “6ix1ne9ine Underground” on KSDS HD-2 88.3FM. That was “No Cosign” by Lil Weirdo out of Linda Vista and this is “Doughboy” by MemoTheMafioso coming from the Grant Hill/Stockton area.

(3:31 – “Doughboy” – MemoTheMafioso [Pennies to Riches] (2020))

(6:32 – “JankyAssGeez” – 88ThaGang feat. SieteNameKeek [Zoo 2] (2020))

That was “JankyAssGeez” by SieteNameKeek and 88ThaGang coming live from the southeast. Next up is “Ese Talk” by Young Rich and Lil Weirdo, putting on for the eEes here in Daygo.

(8:32 – Ese Talk – Young Rich feat. Lil Weirdo [Nothings Bigger Than The Program] (2021))

And that was “Ese Talk,” now comes “Walk My Way” by Jojo2faded and SaneDaSteppa out of City Heights. 

(11:31 – Walk My Way – Jojo2Faded & SaneDaSteppa (2022))

Again, we just played Lil Weirdo, MemoTheMafioso, SieteNameKeek & 88ThaGang, Young Rich, and the duo of Jojo2Faded & SaneDaSteppa.

We know, or if you’re tapped in with the local scene, that the majority of artists here rap about more gang-affiliated dangerous lifestyles and that is predominantly the type of artists you will find here.

However, there are different pockets inside any musical scene, and Daygo does not limit itself to one type of artist or individual.

Coming up after this break, we will be tapping into this different side of the city, and giving other artists some shine who have a more alternative sound than what the average listener is used to, artists that are pushing the envelope in different directions and tearing said envelope up entirely to create their own path.

However, first we have “Backyard Boogie” by Kinkyy out of National City, so please, don’t touch that dial, you’re listening to CT Sound KSDS HD-2 88.3FM

(15:28 – Backyard Boogie – Kinkyy (2022))

Again, that was “Backyard Boogie” by Kinkyy out of the South Bay, and like I promised before the break, we have some artists with a different flavor in their raps putting on for the city in their own way, doing their own thing.

We have Kuatro20, Danny Rose, Flxwz, Malosi, Ben Yen, and I’ll be playing one of my own original songs, too, so stay tuned and enjoy the vibes.

First we have Kuatro20 out of Chula Vista with his track Exxplosivo, don’t touch that dial.

(18:10 – Exxplosivo – Kuatro20 [Kuatro20 Presenta] (2021))

That was “Exxplosivo” by Kuatro20, and now we have “RE-UP,” by myself, unotimestwo, alongside Danny Rose and producer Tre Castro, don’t go anywhere.

(20:47 – RE-UP – unotimestwo feat. Danny Rose & Tre Castro [purgatorio] (2019))

(24:20 – Up At Night – Ben Yen & Malosi (2021))

(28:11 – OFF THE EARTH – Flxwz & Tre Castro [BUBBLEGUM] (2022))

Again, you’re listening to “6ix1ne9ine Underground” on CT Sound 88.3FM KSDS HD-2. Those last two songs were “Up At Night” by Ben Yen and Malosi, and “Off The Earth” by Flxwz and Tre Castro respectively.

Tre Castro actually produced 4 out of the 5 songs we just played, and is responsible for helping to pioneer a more alternative sound out of the artists he works with.

Before we switch gears again we have one more song, “Aguita” by Danny Rose. 

(31:18 – Aguita – Danny Rose [Mariscos y Perreo] (2023))

In case you missed it that was “Aguita” by Danny Rose. Shifting back to a more traditional West Coast sound, we start off with “Thug Ish” by brothers TC3 and TC4 out of the Logan Heights/Grant Hill Area. Once again, don’t touch that dial.

(33:47 – Thug Sh*t – TC3 feat. TC4 [Skanless Crip] (2020))

(37:17 – Gettin Shifty – O’way [Signatures] (2018))

That was big Alejandon O’way with “Gettin Shifty.” Now we have KT Foreign and Stockton California’s own EBK Jaaybo with “Nightmares” produced by Legend.

(40:07 – Nightmares (feat. EBK Jaaybo) – KT Foreign (2021))

Now we have two classics by B3 Glizzy of Lincoln Park who is currently incarcerated, enjoy these two tracks and free him.

(42:26 – Shag OT – B3 Glizzy feat. SieteNameKeek, SieteGangYabbie, KT Foreign (2020))

You’re listening to “6ix1ne9ine Underground” on CT Sound 88.3FM KSDS HD-2, don’t go anywhere.

(45:29 – Ghetto Rockstar – B3 Glizzy (2019)

Again those last two songs were from B3 Glizzy, Shag OT and Ghetto Rockstar respectively.

Coming up after this very very short break, we have YHG Pnut with “Don’t Miss,” Lil Maru with “On The Block,” B3 and Sethii Shmactt with “San Diego Sippers,” and then we’ll have a final break before our last song of the evening to end the show. Stay tuned and don’t turn away.

(48:12 – Don’t Miss – YHG Pnut (2021))

(50:57 – On The Block – Lil Maru (2021))

(54:33 – San Diego Sippers – B3 Glizzy feat. Sethii Shmactt [Ghetto Rockstar] (2021))

As our first episode comes to a close, I want to thank everyone who heard even one song from this show.

Hopefully you learned about some great artists from around the town who deserve to be recognized. And if you weren’t selected for this first episode, don’t worry. More content is coming and more music will be needed, so you still have plenty of chances to be heard by your fellow San Diegans.

I hope this small glimpse into different corners of the city gives you some insight as to the different POVs of artists and their styles. To end the night I’m gonna play a song that embodies what San Diego is to people who truly call it Daygo and an insight into how people who live in certain areas still make the most out of their situations. To end episode 1, we have “San Diego,” by Skyline’s own Hardini! This is unotimestwo signing off, and I’ll see you next time on “6ix9ine Underground.”

(57:44 – San Diego – Hardini (2020))

You’re listening to CT Sound, 88.3FM KSDS HD-2 San Diego and live on

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