PODCAST: SD City Music Club talks to City Colleges new Student Health director

PODCAST: SD City Music Club talks to City College’s new Student Health director

Elaine Eng, who comes from Miramar, introduces herself in debut episode

Hosted by students of the SD City Music Club and produced by Chieftain, this debut episode of “SD City Music Club Podcast” features an interview with Elaine Eng, the new Student Health director at City.

This episode includes a musical mash-up created by Chieftain, smashing the beat from “Paint The Town Red” with an excerpt of “Yo Soy Joaquin,” a poem by Corky Gonzales, read by Paulie_The_Latino_Slan.

“SD City Music Club Podcast” is hosted by Autumn Reign and Carla Puebla and features Elijah G., Chieftain, and special guest Elaine Eng.

Executive produced by Chieftain of City Times Sound.

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(00:00) Mashup created by Chieftain, smashing the beat from “Paint The Town Red” with “Yo Soy Joaquin,” poem by Corky Gonzales, read by Paulie_The_Latino_Slan.

(4:33) Autumn: Hey, very cool. We have a very special guest, we have a very special guest. Her name and what do you do?

(04:38) Elaine: My name is Elaine Eng and I’m the new director of the student health clinic here at City College.

Autumn: That’s so exciting… 

Elaine: Yes, it’s very exciting and I’m so excited to be here City College everyone. Really warm and welcoming. Good. Students are just amazing.

(04:59) Autumn:  Yay. 

Elaine: Super fun. 

Autumn: Yay. What did you think of the last track that we just listened to?

(05:00) Elaine: Mind blown. 

Autumn: Yeah.

Elaine: Amazing.

(5:05) Autumn: I think, I think we can all agree, 

Carla: For sure. 

Autumn: So you work in the Health Center. Can you tell us about how you ended up working in the health area and what it’s like so far?

(5:14) Elaine: My career path wasn’t straightforward. I started off as a researcher and a scientist and then I wanted to connect with patients more so I kind of went from the bench to bedside and I thought about you know, what do I want to do you know, the medical field I knew I wanted to help people. I decided that nursing was the area I really wanted to be in. Nurses are the people that are there you know, with the patient at their most need and just… that ability to connect and just learn about their story and try to find ways to help them from a health perspective, is really what I wanted to do. I worked as a floor nurse for a while at a hospital then I decided I wanted to do a little bit more and then went back to school to become a nurse practitioner because they wanted to diagnose diseases but really understand people with their health a little bit more and I don’t do but the journey has brought me here.

(6:30) Carla: All right, what are some aspects of the City College campus you’ve enjoyed so far?

Elaine: Aspects? Oh, there’s so many. I mean, first of all, just the students and the vibe is just so incredible. The feeling I mean, that’s really where I’ve really enjoyed, the energy, people’s passion has been really energizing and really motivating. I really enjoy just exploring the higher campus it is, it’s a very very large campus large campus.

Autumn and Carla: (laughing) Yes, very large.

Elaine: All the way all the way, you know like all the way from the athletics area. 

Autumn: Yep, to the B bldg. 

Elaine: To you know, down to math science.

Autumn and Carla: yep, to the B building.  

Elaine: Yep to the B building and I’m really excited to see the studio. 

Autumn: Oh yes.

Elaine: It’s the first time I’ve been in a studio and also just in this area.

Carla: Ummm hmmm. 

Elaine: Yeah, I’m and then I’m also heard there’s a planetarium here on campus.

Autumn: What?

(7:45) Carla: I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of that… 

Apparently, what?

Autumn: Yeah I learned more about this campus every semester. 

Carla: Last semester, I’m learning so much. 

Autumn: That’s awesome though. We welcome you with open arms. 

Elaine: Oh thank you so much.

Autumn: So many so many great things you want to ask the last one as well as 

Carla: What are some important things about the health center you think students or staff should know about? 

(8:06) Elaine Eng: Well, I think that it’s important for students and well for everyone to know that you know, we’re here for you. And you know, we’ve got you covered and that you know anyone who’s an enrolled student can access our center it’s, you know, free of charge, no cost, you know, to talk to provider we have nurses on staff, nurse practitioners physicians, we even have a sports medicine specialist, just you know know that if you have any health care issues if you’re feeling sick if you just have a general question about your health your if you’re interested in learning about your blood pressure, cholesterol, you know, diabetes, you know, just just know that those services are offered. We can prescribe medication, we can do lab work, so anything you find in regular clinic, that I know most people don’t want to go to the doctor.

Autumn and Carla: Yeah.

Elaine:  But you know, when you’re young and healthy and you know, you just want to learn about how to navigate the health system and just learn about your health. You know, feel free to walk in and come to us.

(09:21) Autumn: That’s amazing. Thank you so much for being here, it was a pleasure to meet you Elaine. 

Elaine: Thank you. 

Autumn: Wonderful. Awesome. Thank you. 

Elijah: From the campus of City College, you’re listening to City Times sound FM 88.3 KSDS HD 2 San Diego. 

Chieftain: A partnership with City Times Sound and the commercial music program, by and for the Music Club. Thanks for listening… Hosted by Autumn Reign and Carla Puebla.

Executive produced by Chieftain, me and Hymn, me and Hymn.

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