Draw a Bird Day

Evonne Ermey

Grab your pencils, ready, set, draw! April 8 is national Draw A Bird Day. The origins of this day are a little sketchy, but there are multiple sources on the web, including Wikipedia, sighting this day as not just a national holiday, but as a celebratory day we share with several European countries and even Australia.

This day is not necessarily about artistic ability so don’t be intimidated. There is also no preferential treatment shown towards any particular species of bird. If vultures are your thing, draw a vulture. Peacocks, sparrows, seagulls, they’re all fair game. The real purpose of this holiday is to appreciate birds and art at the same time.

According to Wikipedia, this holiday began in the 1940’s as a moral boost after the war and is still celebrated today.

Of course, if you don’t feel like drawing a bird, you can always cook one and call it a day.