Spook up your nails

veronica gaeta

It’s Halloween again. This centuries long tradition can be fun for everybody and allows us all the chance to dress up. For those with children, it can be loads of fun too.

With more than 70 percent of today’s population celebrating the holiday, it’s easy to get in the Halloween spirit: candy, trick-or-treating and costumes are just part of the celebration.

For those who appreciate the treats, here’s a neat nail art trick to keep the Halloween spirit alive.

1. You will need four nail colors: black, white, orange and yellow as well as a clear top coat polish. Begin with a clean nail surface. Apply a black base coat on four nails and orange on a nail of your choice. (In this case a metallic orange was used.)

2. First, the spider web design: Select a nail. From one corner of the nail draw a letter ‘V.’ Next draw a line through the center. (They don’t have to be the same size.) Last, draw the letter ‘U’ between each line as desired.

3. For the candy corn design, begin by drawing tiny random white triangles on the black base. Next, with a thin nail brush draw a line across the center in orange and on then another on the bottom in yellow to resemble the classic candy treat.

4. For the Jack-O-Lantern, you will draw two tiny triangles for the eyes and one for the nose, ( Feel free to face them any way you like.) For the mouth it is just a simple horizontal zigzag design.

Step 5: Apply a clear top coat to finish the look. Have fun, be safe and Happy Halloween!