VAMP showcase to explore ‘The Other Side’


A VAMP participant reads her “taking a stand” inspired monologue during the VAMP showcase on March 26. City Times archive. Photo credit: Richard Lomibao

Katherine Salindayao-White

The VAMP (Visual/Audio Monologue Performance) showcase returns for its fourth semester at City College.

It will be held on Oct. 15 at the San Diego Central Library. Students can turn in a three to eight page non-fictional story that they can preform if chosen. The theme this semester is “The Other Side” and must be submitted by Sept. 9.

There are about 100-200 students who submit every semester according to Patricia McGhee. Once nine students are chosen they go through a process where work shopping, writing and performance coaching is provided to help create a successful show.

“A few faculty and members of So Say We All volunteer to help us read through the submissions to whittle them down to 9 final performers. This is a really difficult process because we have to turn down so many really great pieces,” English professor Patricia McGhee said though email.

For more information you can contact English professors Patricia McGhee, Nadia Mandilawi or Julia Evans who works for So Say We All. Students can also go to So Say We All to submit their non-fiction story.