Orientation for new cosmetology students

veronica gaeta

The City College cosmetology department will be hosting an orientation for potential students to its Certificate of Cosmetology program Sept. 16 at 1 p.m. in the Career Technology Center, located on 16th and C streets, in room V-101. Attendance is mandatory to be able to enroll in cosmetology classes.

The orientation will cover what to expect in the class training, which will involve but is not limited to; hair care, skin care, and nail technician skills.

The orientation will also have information about the materials that you will need for the course. There is also a chance to meet the instructors and current students to answer any questions you might have in regards to the class.

The City College cosmetology department was recently granted funds to improve on their already new facility. The funding is to be directed to transitioning into the digital way of learning.

The new technology is said to help students stay in touch with the latest fashions trends in the field of hair care, skin care, make-up applications, and nail techniques needed in the world of cosmetology.

For more information contact the Cosmetology Department for more information.