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Carnival goers had the chance to get their face painted by members of the Cosmetology department at the ASG sponsored Halloween carnival Oct. 30 Photo credit: Celia Jimenez

Students celebrate Halloween at ASG sponsored carnival

November 5, 2014

Decorated as an old graveyard with tombstones and spiderwebs, over 200 students, faculty and children gathered in Gorton Quad to celebrate the Associated...

The In’s and Out’s of the Nail Salon

Phoenix Webb

May 14, 2014

Nail design is an art form. There are colors, textures and lengths that all vary from person to person, and nail technicians are the artists. Nail technicians are professionals who must be licensed by the state of California. According to the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, nail technicians must have completed 400 hours of education and have passed the state...

Looking Beyond the Present

Veronica Gaeta

December 9, 2013

The term "millennial" describes a generation of people born plugged into technology. It defines a society brought up to believe that they could accomplish and succeed in anything that they set their minds on. This demographic has different characteristics from previous generations. Millenials are drawn to culturally diverse environments and are tightly scheduled multi-taskers....

Orientation for new cosmetology students

veronica gaeta

September 13, 2013

The City College cosmetology department will be hosting an orientation for potential students to its Certificate of Cosmetology program Sept. 16 at 1 p.m. in the Career Technology Center, located on 16th and C streets, in room V-101. Attendance is mandatory to be able to enroll in cosmetology classes.The orientation will cover what to expect in the class training, which will ...

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