New website tracks Prop. 30 spending

Essence Mcconnell

Ever wonder where your tax dollars go?

California Controller John Chiang approved a new website earlier this month that allows the public to keep track of the money generated by Proposition 30.

This new website,, allows its viewers to track where every dollar raised for education is being allocated, how and why it will be spent, and whether or not they money is being used in accordance with the law.

Chiang said, “Promises of appropriate and prudent spending were made to the public and this tool intends to hold the State and its local education officials accountable for keeping them.”

The proposition has been approved by voters to have their taxes raised in order to counter the almost $6 billion worth of cuts that would have been made on education. Since the pass in 2012, there have been issues as to whether or not our tax dollars have been used on students and their education.

“It’s extremely important for students to have an oversight of where this money goes because during the outreach for Prop. 30, the tax revenue promised to restore funding for public education in California,” said ASG vice president Michael Roderick, 27, political science major.

By visiting the Track Prop. 30 site, the public has the right to view the amounts given throughout California at the K-12 level, as well as the community college level.

Informing people about how the schools and community colleges plan to spend the money, and follow-up audits to see how the funds are actually being spent has been Chiang’s main goal with this new website.

The public also has the option to download raw data exports, view expenditure reductions, and if ever confused, all the key words are located in the glossary tab.

According to Track Prop. 30, San Diego has received $29,349,128, although it is unclear whether the money has gone to City College, Mesa College, or both combined.

“I’m extremely happy that they are doing that,” said Roderick.