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Pro: cancelling classes is nothing personal, it’s just business

Denise White

October 27, 2015

As the new school semester began, students looked forward to getting the classes they needed to transfer to a four-year university. Unfortunately, it appeared that many major and general education classes had to be cancelled this semester, which a lot of students weren’t too pleased about. How are students supposed to get their degrees and move on to a university when comm...

New website tracks Prop. 30 spending

Essence Mcconnell

May 2, 2014

Ever wonder where your tax dollars go? California Controller John Chiang approved a new website earlier this month that allows the public to keep track of the money generated by Proposition 30. This new website,, allows its viewers to track where every dollar raised for education is being allocated, how and why it will be spent, and whether or not they mon...

Jerry Brown loves prisons

Torrey Spoerer

November 19, 2013

California Proposition 30 was originally approved as a crucial step towards fixing our financially drained public educational system by funding schools with newly implemented taxes. As of this fall, however, the measure may now be warped into a means of draining state resources away from education and into the prison-industrial complex.Governor Jerry Brown and his California-ub...

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