Students learn how to stay fit for the holidays

Benny McFadden

City fitness center faculty hosted it’s 8th annual Fitness Awareness Week Nov. 5-10. The event was advertised as, “a week of fun filled activities and learn ways to avoid the holiday extra pounds and inches.”

Organizer of the event, exercise science professor Paul Young said in an email that holding the event before the holiday season, ” … is the reason we host fitness awareness week at this time of the year.
However, the other reason is our fitness center fundraiser is this
time of the year so I place the timing of fitness awareness week to end
with the fitness center fundraiser this Saturday at Mission Bay.”

The event kicked off with an open house at the fitness center and a lecture on the five components of fitness, with DVD’s and t-shirts for sale at the bookstore.
Free blood pressure testing and resting heart rate evaluation were offered on Nov. 6.

An aerobic day was hosted on Nov. 7 and participators were invited to check out the fitness centers elliptical machines, stairmasters, and treadmills.

A body composition assessment followed on Nov. 8 at the fitness center, offering a list of recommended exercise videos and DVDs for participants to look through.
For more information on fitness center activities, classes offered at the fitness center, or to volunteer for other upcoming fitness center events, email professor Paul Greer at [email protected]