CON: Nothing to help Hispanics

After four years of strict immigration policy, Barack Obama has lost the sympathy of Hispanic voters, and as his reelection approaches, many will withdraw their support of his campaign.

In 2008, his speech in favor of immigration reform helped him win the election.

When he approaches the Latino community searching to win the Hispanic vote this time around, the increasing discontent among the immigrants will not be hidden.

With more a million immigrants deported under Obama’s administration, undocumented workers are facing a nightmare every day.

The “polimigra movement,” a partnership between local police, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Safe Communities program, uses arrest warrants against individuals to criminalize those who are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Obama has the power to challenge the law but instead he remains silent to not risk losing votes.

The Latino community rejects the Obama administration’s treatment of undocumented immigrants.

The high rate of unemployment is not helping his campaign either. It is a major justification for not voting for Obama.

While unemployment strips the American heartland of jobs, under Obama’s administration there have been no cuts to the $531 billion weapons program, according to the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

Furthermore, in the last 13 years the defense budget has steadily risen, according to an August report from CNN. Military spending now makes up half of the federal government’s operating budgets.

Obama helped to pass the biggest budget cut in history, much of which affected education, labor and health care programs, according to “So how is Obama on our side?,”an article on the Socialist Worker.

These brutal cuts have devastated programs that benefit low-income families. All this is happening while U.S. corporations are making record profits.

With his poor performance and broken promises, what can we expect with another term?

Obama has shown Latinos, with the separation of many families, that he doesn’t deserve a second opportunity.