We can’t ignore crimes against humanity

The idea of an American intervention in Syria has received much negative feedback, yet there are reasons to go and consequences if nothing is done.

Sometime in late August, the Syrian government used chemical weapons in the capital of Damascus. This was done in an attempt to force the Free Syrian Army from the capital. Innocent civilians where harmed and people did die.

“This was the worst chemical attack of the 21st century,” as stated by President Obama days later.

Over 1,429 people died, among them women and children. The use of these weapons by the regime are not only killing their own citizens but also violates the prohibition of chemical weapons.

Those who were hospitalized displayed neuro-toxic symptoms, 355 of these patients having died sometime after. The type of weapon used was a nerve attacking agent called Sarin, which causes difficulty controlling the muscles and asphyxiation, often leading to death.

Obama has stated that use of chemical weapons would cross a “red line”. As to what he meant about that seems clear: The Syrian government is not holding any regards to whom ever is affected within the conflict.

U.S. intervention has the potential to save lives, as most of those affected by the chemical attacks are currently in poor conditions while occupying makeshift hospitals. Our U.S. doctors could properly treat them.

The Syrian Opposition – also known as the “Rebels” –
has been fighting this war for almost two years now. Since it
well upwards of 100,000 casualties have been estimated.

This war started as a peaceful protest. The Syrian people wanted the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad as they deemed him inadequate to lead the country. They Syrian people also wanted a constitutional reform and have embraced a more westernized society. The Syrian people are fighting for democracy against dictatorship.

The body count has indeed been an average of 3,000 deaths per month as released by United Nations Human Rights Center. The national population of Syria consists of 22,530,746. Over 0.311 of the populace has been killed thus far and while the number may not seem big, it does indeed add up over time.

Two million Syrian refugees want to immigrate to United States just to escape they’re brutal dictatorship. Syrian citizens have shown favor of U.S. involvement. “Syrians have spoken a lot, but no one listens.” As, stated by a Damascene woman.

A foreign intervention has the high potential not only to weaken the regime’s morale and thus empower the rebels, but even recruiting and training the defected members of the regime.

American presence and influence would even
indirectly hurt Al Qaeda groups, since they couldn’t have as much control in Syria
anymore. Arming and training the rebels not only would make them loyal to us
but also reject the other groups. While Israel has many hopes, they also face extreme
dangers. “The most prominent danger is Iran, which is making every effort
to acquire nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, and
an enormous terror network together with Syria in Lebanon,” as stated by
Ariel Sharon

This war has divided Syrians as well as Americans. Syrians are killing each other without hope for a treaty, while the American people clash on whether or not to help the country into a reform. Men, women, and children are dying each day. It’s clear that the country needs some kind of reform, regardless of whether or not it’s from the American government.

country as a whole is being effected, If nothing is done, this war will only get
worse. The U.S. has to intervene in Syria before this massacre becomes
something even more tragic, while we still have the chance to do so.

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We can’t ignore crimes against humanity