Speaking in tongues

Many people believe God made mouths for eating, or talking — they are wrong.  There are absolutely no risks of unwanted pregnancies with oral sex, because stomach acid makes the best spermicide. Your mouth allows for a much safer way to enjoy your partner(s), especially if you’re not exclusive with them. 

Oral sex is still technically considered a form of sex according to the Center for Disease Control. While your chances of contracting most STD’s and/or STI’s from oral are significantly lower, they are still there. So, don’t just run around stuffing your face with whatever you can find; unsafe sex is still unsafe, even if it’s just with your mouth.  Make sure you know your partner’s status before you decide to put their fun-bits near your face. 

Cunnilingus or fellatio are alternatives to stripping all your clothes off and slipping between the sheets.  When it comes to relationships, have sex when it means something, and use your mouth to impress your partner when it doesn’t. Humping like rabbits only leads to unwanted disasters and more stress. When you stop jumping straight into the sack every time you get an urge, it will make those times  you do that much better.  Oral is one way to fill that gap in time between romps without totally abstaining from sex. Think of going down as a bowl of vanilla ice cream; it doesn’t have to be plain, you just have to find the right toppings to add to it.

Rule number one of all sexual activities, if not all of life, is participation. When your partner’s face is between your legs it might be easy to just sit back and enjoy, but you have to be as active as possible. Your fingers should be in their hair, your hips should be moving, and you had better be making noise. 

If you’re not going to participate, just go masturbate. The moaning and encouragement from the receiving end is a big part of what makes giving oral worth it. If you just lay there, you’re not going to get it as often and it’s not going to be very good. But if you get off your backside and become interactive, it will be a mutually enjoyable time.

If you’re giving oral and the other person doesn’t do anything, it’s not necessarily because you’re doing it wrong. Motivate them to be more interactive, talk to them about it, and urge them to urge you on. If you’re receiving oral when they do what you like, moan louder, pull their hair, grab their body anywhere; just give them a sign that that’s what you like. If they are doing something wrong let them know, because if you don’t they will never know how to get better.

Be sure to know your partner’s comfort zone and be respectful of it. Anything that could push beyond someone’s limits or boundaries should be discussed beforehand. Give warnings before letting loose because it’s not fun to get hit without a warning. Always remember, it is supposed to be fun for both participants, and being pushed into a situation you’re uncomfortable with isn’t fun for anybody. Keep in mind though, experimenting is the key to keeping relationships interesting, so be willing to try new things and push your own limits.

Oral is a two-way street, so if you expect to get your penis between her lips, expect to have your face buried between her thighs, and vice-versa. Ladies, don’t just give and not get. There are plenty of guys who will be fine with it if you just give them head without expecting them to muff dive. Once you both know what to do when on the receiving end, it can be just as much fun for the giver as for the receiver, so don’t steal that from them.

Don’t get overly confident just because your last partner enjoyed everything they received from you. Don’t go out into the world thinking you will be able to hold sway over anybody you meet because of your skills. Just like we all have our own personalities, fingerprints and DNA, everyone has specific way in which to have their mind blown. Finding out what someone’s trigger is is often found by either the process of elimination, or by just shot-gunning it. Don’t be afraid to try everything until you discover what works with your new partner.

So dive in head-first and get some!

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