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Diplomacy talk begins

Torrey Spoerer

September 14, 2013

Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and other Middle Eastern nations have all been trampled for years by foreign interests in hopes of eradicating al-Qaida. Yet now, we find ourselves, yet again, debating as a nation whether or not to send high value weapons to the Islamic rebel forces in Syria consisting mainly of al-Qaida.The American people are quite weary of entering an...

We can’t ignore crimes against humanity

Ahmad Blue

September 14, 2013

The idea of an American intervention in Syria has received much negative feedback, yet there are reasons to go and consequences if nothing is done. Sometime in late August, the Syrian government used chemical weapons in the capital of Damascus. This was done in an attempt to force the Free Syrian Army from the capital. Innocent civilians where harmed and people did die. ...

Another war only adds fuel to the fire

Christopher Handloser

September 14, 2013

During the Arab Spring of 2011, the world witnessed civil wars erupt in Syria. President Bashar Al-Assad and his newly appointed military engaged in bloody conflict with former military officials and aggressive Islamist radicals consisting of none other than… Al-Qaeda. The cumulative death toll now stands at an upward estimated 100,000 victims of this horrific conflict...

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