Music Matters for local kids

Donna P. Crilly

Donna P. Crilly
City Times

The fifth annual Music Matters program, sponsored by Jazz 88.3 and Coles’ Fine Flooring, celebrated a record breaking year on March 11, collecting about 107 instruments.

Every February, the Music Matters program collects musical instuments from donors and gives them to the Community Council for Music in schools to refurbish and distribute among students at the San Diego elementary schools. This gives students, who can’t afford to buy their own, a chance to play an instrument.

Mark DeBoskey, Jazz 88.3 station manager, teamed up with George Coles, owner of Coles’ fine flooring, in hopes to give a substantial contribution to young people’s success.

“Music is so important to the development of young,” said DeBoskey. He believes that students are twice as likely to go to college as a result of playing music while stressing the importance of self expression.

“I’m still a kid, only 63, and I know that music matters. It’s a great community bonus,” said Cole, referring to his involvement with the program.

Coles has known DeBoskey for many years through the broadcast community and he is happy to take part in promoting the music program. Cole plans on continuing partnership with Jazz 88.3 and CCMS next year.

Susan Jarrold, a violin donor, admits to rarely listening to Jazz 88.3 but saw a clipping in the Union Tribune and decided to donate her daughter’s old violin, which her daughter outgrew.

“I definitely wanted to give it to a kid that can’t afford it,” Jarrold said.

Anne Marie Haney, Co-Chair of CCMS, is referred to by many as the “Mother Theresa” of music.

According to Haney, there are more than 800 instruments currently on loan to students in the San Diego school district.

The donor appreciation party featured a performance from legendary saxophone player Doug McPhearson and the Mission Bay High School Dixie Jazz Band.