Fight global warming with ‘Green’ awareness

The enemy of global warming is called “Green” awareness.
Green means sustainability; “meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow”. Supporting Green is saying that the future matters. Green awareness came to City College with the Environmental Week, which took place from Nov. 26th through the 30th. The highlight of the week was the presentation by Dr. Lisa Shaffer, which took place on Wednesday the 28th.
This vivid and well-researched presentation went over the human impact of industrialization and global warming’s devastating effects on the entire earth and all its inhabitants. Lisa’s inspiring and eye opening presentation explained the environment dilemma we face and she answered common questions people hear and ask about global warming.
Some people ask how can humans be affecting this large planet we know of as Earth? The best way to understand how us humans are affecting our earth is by first realizing how much you alone pollute and affect the climate? Everything from the food you buy, to the vehicles you drive to the water you drink, all pollutes! Then consider that there are over 6.5 Billion of us and the population is projected to increase and stabilize at 9 Billion. The livestock were much of our food comes from, creates more green house gases than the automobiles we drive.
Also the production of a one-year supply of the plastic for American water bottles alone uses over 47 million gallons of oil. This equals nearly 1 billion pounds of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Then to make things worse 86 percent of this harmful plastic is not even recycled. Last the United States makes up 5% of the worlds population and amazingly causes over 25% of the worlds pollution. This is proof that everyone effects global warming and American has the most global influence by switching our negative effects to positive effects.
According to the (IPCC) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, their most recent report called the “AR4 Synthesis Report,” calls global warming “Unequivocal”. The report was released on Nov. 17th 2007 and states, “Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and raising global average sea levels”. Finally a very clear and concise answer “Unequivocal” or with out a doubt!
Is this good news or bad news? Bad news, the fact that the political debate is over and the earth is in fact in danger from global warming. Or good news, the debate is over and we can agree that we must change our impact on the release of Co2 into the atmosphere? Either way, we must fix this problem that is growing exponentially.
Organizations and agencies like the IPCC, with notable members like Al Gore, have been doing their part to help distribute this vital information on Global warming. Much of the scientific information that current conclusions are based on, are from observations and research projects like “Mauna Loa Records.” Scientist have been using data collected of Co2 and temperature levels on short and long-term comparisons through out the globe. The results conclude that we have unnaturally high, dangerous levels of Co2 and heat, and humans are to blame.
Each and everyone can make a difference! By thinking and acting Green, you make the change to conserve for the future of tomorrow. Keep recycling bins full, support local fresh produce markets and look for businesses that are making the change to Green.
Your influence and decision count.

Allan Candelore is a City Times news assistant

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Fight global warming with ‘Green’ awareness