Annual robotics olympics held on City College campus

The Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement program (MESA) held their annual Olympics and robotics competition in the campus cafeteria on April 30.

City College, Southwestern College, San Diego State University and other MESA groups in San Diego and Imperial Valley participated in the event.

Teams of four competed in solving technical problems in math, physics, chemistry and engineering.

The robotics competition used Lego Mind Storm NXT 2.0 robotics kits to build robot vehicles and compete in two separate challenges.

The first section of the robotics challenge, mission one, titled “I Love MESA,” was a slalom course around cones. The second section was called the Grand Slam, a combination control and head-to-head event.

There were two trials and a total of nine teams. The first place for the Robotics challenge went to the team from Southwestern College named Irish Wrist Watch, with a time of 25.28 seconds.

Second place winner was another team from Southwestern called Big Momma, achieving a time of 39.48 seconds. Third place went to the Dynamic Trio from SDSU with a time of 58.02 seconds.

For the overall champions of the entire event, coming in third place from Hopeville, Calif., was team Dynamo. Second place went to SDSU’s team, the Dynamic Trio, and the first-place team was Big Momma from Southwestern College.