Turn a lawn into an urban farm

Angela Ang

How to turn a lawn into an urban farm:

1. Don’t rip out the grass because it is labor-intensive then goes to landfill which is a waste of space. We’re converting grass into good soil by leaving it in place. Grass is nitrogen. Soil is nutrient-rich.

2. Cut the grass really short (scalping). Leave the clippings in place. Scalping shocks the grass and sunburns it which helps kill it.

3. Put compost on top. Uses clippings as food. Gets really hot. Suffocates and cooks the grass.

4. Put mulch on top of compost. Mulch holds the water in.

5. Water well. Keep watered so microorganisms keep killing the grass.

6. In 2-4 weeks, ready to turn over the soil and start to plant.

— Source: Paul Maschka