Tips and tricks to living the green life

Jacqueline Filla

With Earth Day on the horizon and the green movement going global, many are wondering how to take part and grow towards green. It may be a simple question, but quite overwhelming.
Does one just bring cloth bags to the store, recycle cans, or does contributing a small step somehow leave you with the lingering obligation to start an at-home compost and make the switch to organic vegan clothing?

The answer? Math professor and member of the San Diego City College Environmental Stewardship Karon Klipple says, “It can be overwhelming.” Her advice, “Start small, perhaps start considering the items you purchase and choosing ones with less packaging. I strongly suggest that students take three minutes to watch the free video, ‘The Story of Stuff’ It provides a lot of information and ideas for change.”

The Environmental Stewardship Committee has three goals. 1. To raise awareness of environmental issues on campus and in the community, 2. Advocate for change within our district. 3. Inspire students to make a difference. Focusing on education and outreach has proven the stewardship to be quite successful. “It’s the Environmental Stewardship that got recycling on campus and mandated Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver building standards for greener and healthier buildings and insisted that the district conduct a greenhouse gas emissions inventory.”

The Environmental Stewardship may not be global, but it is clearly inspiring the local. Klipple has also noted a substantial increase in student awareness to the environment and the proactive approach towards it. “Students and the public in general have begun to understand that they are part of the solution. They are taking steps to improve the world we live in.” Education and increased knowledge is key and often what provokes change. Klipple suggests, “finding something that really interests you … food, consumer goods, is it water, labor rights … learn about that one thing, pretty soon you’ll learn that all of these issues are interconnected and that as global citizens we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to change the way we’ve been doing things.”

As for the future, you will soon see an AA degree in Sustainability and a certificate in Sustainable Urban Agriculture branching out at City College, again, all rooted back to the Environmental Stewardship. To become involved and make an impact now, “one of the best things you can do is join the environmental club.” Klipple’s food for thought, “if you don’t make a difference, who will, changing our world will take all of us working together.”

Feeling inspired today? Check out the four quick tips below:

1. Direct Marketing Association is helping you eliminate unwanted mail. Call 212-768-7277 or mail your name and address directly to:

Mail Preference Service/P.O. Box 643/ Carmel, NY 10512-0643

eye & Hart collects natural wine corks, after a great bottle be sure to send your corks to:

Yemm & Hart Ltd./ 610 South Chamber Drive/ Fredericktown, MO 63645

3. St. Jude’s Ranch for Children collects used greeting cards that so often pile up during celebratory seasons to make new cards, so let a piece of your old card be the silver lining to someone’s day. Send cards to:

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children/ Card recycling program/100 St Jude’s Street/ Boulder City, NV 89005

4. Trinity Oaks plants a tree for EVERY bottle of vino sold, so pick up a bottle at your nearest market and get to planting!