VIEWPOINT – Parking Etiquette 101: Pull forward, please

Heidi Stenquist

Heidi Stenquist
City Times

Is it me or am I the only one who’s frustrated driving to school everyday, dealing with a lack of parking that’s made worse by several wasted spaces I could’ve parked in if someone had just pulled forward?

Leaving large gaps of space between cars has got to stop. Please . it’s driving me crazy! The misfortune of not being able to fit somewhere because a driver decided to leave five feet in front and behind him is ridiculous! Still, several spaces are lost each day by this lack of consideration for others. So, I ask you to contribute to your environment. Any smart move made will benefit us all.

When parking anywhere, use common sense and think before you set the brake. Take a moment to check: Have I done it right? Have I curbed my wheels in the right direction? Have I left enough room for the other guy?

Make sure that you’re not more than six inches from the curb. Get out of your car and look if you need too!

Remember to pull ALL the way forward like you would at the gas station. This is especially important for the start or end point of any curb area. Have you done everything to maximize space for the next guy?

Please DO! You could be sparing a fellow student a heart attack! That circling hawk, preying on the leaving class, scanning everywhere, waiting, burning up gas, driving in all the nooks and crannies surrounding campus, burning up gas . you know what I’m talking about!

My goal is to get drivers to contribute so that all shared space is best utilized and students think about how they are driving, and how each of us impacts the other. This could save you a ticket you can’t afford, spare you the curses spewed upon you when you have not pulled forward, and the BEST thing is that you will be making things better not worse, sparing other’s agitation and time because you have made room for them and thought not only of yourself.

** Heidi Stenquist is a City Times staff writer