Romney wants private funding

Fahima Paghmani

If elected as president, Mitt Romney will pursue a sincere education plan to reform interest of students and parents ahead for interest about education and provide a chance for every child to appreciate education. Romney also promises to acknowledge and reward teachers for their results.

Romney will combine federal funds directly with dramatic reforms that expand parental choice and invest in improvement.

He will also guarantee that students will affordable options for higher education to give them the skills they need to succeed after graduation.

Romney gives parents the full rights to receive clear information about the performance of their current school and of alternatives in switching. Romney also pushes to achieve each of the following; allowing low income and special needs students to choose which school to attend by making “Title I and IDEA” funds portable, provide incentives for states to increase choices for parents and expand the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program to serve as a model for the nation.

As for higher education students who go to a community college or a four year institution Romney promises to strengthen and simplify the financial aid system, welcome private sector participation instead of pushing it away, and replace burdensome regulation with innovation and competition.

Lastly, Romney assures to eliminate unnecessary certification requirements that would discourage new and future teachers. Romney also promises to reward great teachers through increases flexibility and block grants.