A procrastinator’s guide to choosing a Halloween costume

There are cheap, easy options to try before heading out tonight.

Graphic by Sonny Garibay

Sonny Garibay

Graphic by Sonny Garibay

Lacey Stefano, Staff Writer

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There is very little time left to choose a Halloween costume before heading out tonight. 

Here are some ideas for those who waited to find something to wear. 

1. Burglar

This costume is an easy, last-minute idea. All you need is a striped shirt, black jeans, and a beanie. Stuff Monopoly money in your pockets for added ef

fect. If you really want to go all out, consider stopping to pick up a toy gun.

2. Alien

Every Alien needs their antenna. Make these out of foil, and wear an all green outfit. Use this opportunity to add some quirky pieces of your choosing,

for example, kaleidoscope glasses or a reflective top. 

3. Scarecrow

To be a scarecrow, wear a flannel with a pair of ripped jeans. Add a bit of makeup to enhance the look of straw and if you have long hair, braid it! 

4. Sims Character

If you like crafts and the Sims video game series, this one is for you. Take a green piece of card stock and form it into a diamond. Hot glue it onto a headband and you’re all set. You can wear whatever outfit you want with this. 

5. Your Worst Nightmare

This is perhaps the best and simplest of the outfits. Wear your pajamas or a robe, ruffle up your hair and add some fake cuts and bruises.