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2020-2021 Staff

Vicky Pineda

Editor-in-Chief, City Times

Vicky Pineda is the Editor-in-Chief for City Times. She is majoring in digital journalism and has been going to City College intermittently since 2013. Read More »...

Christina Painton

Executive Producer, Newscene | Staff Writer, City Times

Student #ExecutiveProducer of @SDCityNewscene and staff writer @SDCityTimes. Seeking first TV newswriting/producing job. Spring 2020 intern @10News until the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gabriel Schneider

Managing Editor, City Times

Susana Serrano

Digital Strategy & Engagement Producer, Newscene

Podcaster and content creator, host of @susytakeson, student journalist, @sdcitynewscene

Marlena Harvey

News Editor, City Times

My goal with my degree would be to hopefully become a successful freelance journalist or work for a magazine like National Geographic. I love writing about politics, especially environmental and global politics, as well as some creative ...

Lucas Barreto

Staff Writer, City Times

Lucas Barreto is a features writer at Gaming Instincts and digital journalism major at San Diego City College. Passionate about the film and games industry, he is fascinated by the conversations around interpretations of entertainment...

Rachel de la Torre

Staff Writer, City Times

A San Diego native studying film and journalism. A creative spirit who loved to write since a very young age, and spends my downtime watching movies, television shows, and writing songs....

Alex Gomez

Staff Writer, City Times

Paris Hickson

Staff Writer, City Times

I am a huge Chargers fan when it comes to football and I am a huge Real Madrid and Portugal fan when it comes to soccer. I have a really supportive family with a caring mother, father and younger sister. I am a huge animal lover...

Luz Jaimes

Staff Writer, City Times

I'm a first-generation Mexican-American going to college. I wanted to be an editor in the news industry. I want to run my own blog, probably on YouTube, to post any news or shows and dig deep into the stories.

Deserie Larios

Staff Writer, City Times

An aspiring investigative/crime journalist, Larios has a goal to create a podcast to discuss current and pending cold cases as well as work closely with psychologists to write about and interpret crimes in America. Always looki...

Brandon Manus

Staff Writer, City Times

I spent the last 5 years traveling the world in the Navy. I have 9 tattoos and a Septum ring. I am an aspiring voice actor as well. I have a voice that surprises people every day! Find me on Instagram, @brandonmanus, and Discord, @brandonmanus15#8613....

Ekaterina Pechenkina

Staff Writer, City Times

California-based immigrant from Russia and vegan mom of two little humans. An aspiring journalist who believes reporting facts matters. B.A., Moscow State University. Find Ekaterina on Twitter, @KatiaPechenkina.

Tyler Perches

Staff Writer, City Times

I originally grew up in a city called Orinda, which is about a 30-minute drive from San Francisco. I eventually want to transfer to San Diego State University, my dream school. My dream job is to eventually be a beat writer for...

Ryan Hoeffs

Staff Writer, City Times

Devon Doane

Multimedia Journalist, Newscene

Born in San Diego, Devon graduated from Clairemont High and enlisted in the United States Marines. He now is pursuing his degree at City College and working as a producer at USWC TV.

Joel Garcia

Multimedia Journalist, Newscene

Joel Garcia is a journalist originally from the Imperial Valley. He has previously written for both EvoNews and Sunshine Sound Center.

Assad Khalilzadeh

Multimedia Journalist, Newscene

San Diego-raised Iranian-American who is seemingly a level beyond obsessed with Harry Potter and comic books. I aspire to be a technical director in a broadcast studio. I like reporting on sports and breaking news. Find me on...

Chris LeFall

Multimedia Journalist, Newscene

My name is Christopher LeFall and I'm a native of San Diego. I am completing my Associate degree in News Broadcasting. I'm also a freelance journalist at a local news publication. My goal is to work behind the scenes at a successful...

Jesus Lopez

Multimedia Journalist, Newscene

Born in Venezuela, raised in sunny South Florida and now residing in America’s Finest City. My passion is severe weather and I am a meteorologist by trade. Newscene has given me the opportunity to hone my skills, grow as a pr...

Noelle Mortensen

Multimedia Journalist, Newscene

Noelle Mortensen is a student at SDSU and City College working toward her goal of becoming a sports broadcaster. You can find her at ​

Kyle Ovenshire

Multimedia Journalist, Newscene

Associate Degree in progress @sdcitycollege | 2020 @SDCityNewscene journalist | Aspiring content creator and editor | My dream? Highlight editor for the @padres

Zach Wilson

Multimedia Journalist, Newscene

Staff member of San Diego City College Newscene. Freelance Camera Utility for sports and entertainment broadcasts. Love riding bikes and collecting music!

Sophia Traylor

Features Editor, City Times

Ben Guadarrama

Multimedia Journalist, Newscene

Writer and Talent for @SDCityNewscene. Aspiring filmmaker/screenwriter. TCG and Lego enthusiast.

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