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The American Nightmare

The American Nightmare

May 23, 2018

In a 1967 NBC News interview with Dr. Martin Luther King, roughly three and half years after his famous “I Have Dream” speech on the Washington Monume...

“Avengers: Infinity War” is an imperfect achievememt

April 27, 2018

10 years ago, no one could have predicted that the ambition of Kevin Feige the president of Marvel Studios would pay off the way it has. Yet here we are...

San Diego City College President Ricky Shabazz

An Interview with the President

April 18, 2018

With almost a year on the job, San Diego City College President Ricky Shabazz said he's proud of what he's accomplished but realized there's more work...

Earth's Mightiest Heroes band together.

Marvel cinematic universe’s best and brightest

April 18, 2018

Through the work of one fan with a dream, that fan being producer and president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige, the Marvel cinematic universe has been a 1...

Doctor Facilier and Black Panther from Cosplay at Long Beach Comic Expo 2014. Black fans exist and Hollywood should be courting that audience as much as they cater to other audiences. Photo courtesy of Flickr

“Marvel’s Black Panther” shifts a historically inaccurate rhetoric

February 28, 2018

                      Towards the end of "Marvel's Black Panther", I was fighting back tears. You see,  Holl...

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